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Experience the Best of Kill Devil Hills Dining: Bob’s Grill

Discover the ultimate dining destination in Kill Devil Hills, OBX, at Bob’s Grill. This beloved restaurant has been serving up mouthwatering breakfast and brunch dishes since 1994. With its laid-back Outer Banks spirit, fresh ingredients, and a friendly atmosphere, Bob’s Grill has become a true original among Kill Devil Hills restaurants.

Delicious Breakfast and Brunch Options: Bob’s Grill is renowned for its hearty breakfast offerings, featuring giant hotcakes, made-from-scratch omelettes, and flavorful fried oysters. Whether you’re starting off your beach day or taking a midday surf break, their phenomenal brunch menu offers something for everyone. Indulge in fresh Outer Banks seafood or savor an Angus beef burger that will leave you satisfied.

At Bob’s Grill, the emphasis is on good food and a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. The ingredients are always fresh, ensuring each dish bursts with flavor. The restaurant’s staff carries on the legacy of founder Bob McCoy, infusing every visit with friendliness and a sense of fun. It’s the perfect spot to fuel up for your adventures or unwind with family and friends.

Bob’s Grill prides itself on being a family-friendly establishment that welcomes both visitors and locals alike. With its laid-back vibe and large portions, it’s no wonder why this Kill Devil Hills restaurant has become a favorite among the community. The restaurant is open seven days a week during the season, ensuring you never have to miss out on their delectable offerings.

Savor the Signature Drinks: Indulge in Bob’s Grill’s handcrafted signature drinks, including their renowned Bloody Marys, sangria, screwdrivers, and creamsicle mimosas. These refreshing beverages perfectly complement the flavorful dishes and add an extra touch of enjoyment to your dining experience.

For an authentic Outer Banks dining experience, Bob’s Grill in Kill Devil Hills is the place to be. With its diverse menu, fresh ingredients, and welcoming atmosphere, this beloved restaurant offers a taste of OBX hospitality that will leave you coming back for more. Don’t forget to pick up a Bob’s Grill souvenir featuring their iconic slogan, reminding you of the fantastic time you had at this one-of-a-kind dining destination.

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