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People working in food service are noticing a major “no tipping” trend happening on take-out orders. While many have upped their tipping game during the coronavirus pandemic, there still are plenty of others who have not. You’d be surprised to know how many people don’t realize that those in the restaurant industry make their living off tips.

A little history on tipping:

Restaurants only pay a small portion of their employee’s salaries. The customer’s tips provide the rest. Servers are paid based on a reward system. The person receiving the service can pay the server according to the quality of their performance. The better service the server provides, the more they are tipped.

In addition, servers traditionally give a portion of their tips to the restaurant’s support staff such as bartenders, food expediters, bussers and typically, those who do not receive tips directly.

The increase of take-out orders this season.

To-go orders are at a much higher level this season. Most restaurants are not built for these dine-in/take-out dynamics. Sometimes half of the sales from one day will just be from take-out orders. When this happens, it throws the kitchen for a spin while trying to keep up with dine-in orders being placed at the same time as take-out orders.

Some might think that since the order is being taken over the phone, there isn’t much effort behind getting that order prepared for you. This is simply not the case, especially given the new circumstances. The phone has been ringing off the hook for take-out orders nonstop all summer long. Some of the restaurants have had to hire people specifically to handle just those to-go orders.

Tipping etiquette during the Coronavirus.

This is a tough financial time for many people. If tipping above and beyond your normal amount feels out of reach, just do what’s in your budget. It really all depends on how much work the person handling your order had to do. If they had to assemble the order and bring it out to your car, like curbside pickup, then that deserves a decent tip. If they had to leave a busy dining room or bar to answer the phone and go into the kitchen, put it in boxes, assemble forks and drinks, then they deserve a tip!

Now is the time to embrace paying it forward more than ever. Are you nervous about going out to eat? Or let alone picking up food from a restaurant? Think about how the server feels every day during their entire shift. They show up for you to bring you that delicious meal you’ve been craving after a beach day. They are smiling behind their masks first thing in the morning bringing you your cup of coffee. The staff at all of our Outer Banks restaurants are happy to have you, let’s return the favor and help make their days a little brighter.

More Tips on Tipping! 

A lot of work goes into your take out order and it adds that much more stress on the kitchen when the restaurant is full so PLEASE tip 20% on your take out order just as you would when dining in. This day and age we should be tipping 20% for all services done well (not just restaurant).

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  • Luanne Stone

    People really need to understand that they should leave a tip for takeout, just like they would for dining in, especially right now. We should be grateful that the restaurants are still open, and the staff still coming to work.

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